I am the Sun

A celestial microfiction love story

I am the sun that shines through dreary clouds on a rainy day, spreading love on my terrestrial partner.

Joy in symbiosis.

I move from one end of the sky to the next, falling behind her.

It is dark and lonely; my tears evaporate. For I don’t like this side of Earth, she is cruel and distant.

She mocks me and ruins me and ignores me.

Then she spins and my love returns once again, full, bright. I spread a radiant yearning over her blue shimmery surface, laughing as I do.

Again, she turns away, as if I mean nothing. Now I’m furious and I scream, spewing anger toward her.

I’m instantly regretful.

When she spins back, I vow to make things right but she is scorched and ashen, lifeless.

I have killed her.

I am sorry.

I go supernova.

© Andie Ski 2019

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