Welcome to My New Short Stories Blog!

Thank you for visiting! It’s my goal to write and create lush characters that move your imagination and stir your emotions. I created this blog as a platform to share my stories and in effect a little part of my soul.

My love of fiction has transcended time, beginning in my youth. And like a stray cat that I one time decided to feed, my desire to write comes back over and over, hungry and wailing for more.

So, I feed it.

My single most desired outcome of this is to become a better writer and storyteller through the magic of short stories; an art form that is often overlooked in today’s society.

Ah, but why short stories, you may ask? The answer lies in the name of the medium itself. Due to their short nature, I’m given the freedom to try out different ideas and characters without much risk.

I’m giving myself the discretion for discovery!

I intend for the majority of my posts to be works of fiction, but as I learn more about the writing universe, I may decide to share my insights in the form of non-fiction as well.

Last but most certainly not least! This is where you all come in! Yes, you! For a writer without an audience is just an empty shell!

Today I make a stand and can say with absolute certainty; I am a writer. What follows will be epic.

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